British Gov’t: We see you…and you…and you…and….

by Mike
Posted March 31st, 2009 at 5:59 am


Do you like privacy?  Are you a Facebook junkie.  Do you live under British government rule?  If yes to all of the above your world is in for a big change very soon.  The British government is building a reputation of that of a spy.  “Why?” you ask.  They are joining many other governments in the big rush to force ISP’s to monitor, track, and store user data.  Under the ideal circumstances for the nanny governments, every page visited by every person would be stored allowing greater “security”.  So far, the UK seems to be the quickest moving country to take these types of policies to heart.  It was just earlier this year that they forced ISP’s to keep track of email records.  However, they are now taking online spying to a whole new level…tracking your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter account just to name a few.  That’s right…not even social networking sites are safe anymore.

What’s the bigger picture?  According to BBC it is part of a master plan to monitor everything…emails, phone calls, and web sites visited/web traffic.  So much for freedom and liberty.  So the government is hiding under the false ideaology that this will make the UK safer.  Hahaha.  That’s a good one.  Just think about the sheer number of data that individuals will have to comb through to find the needle in a haystack that would be a terrorist conversing online.  By the time you find it you could probably turn your head ten inches and watch whatever you found online unfolding on the tube.  This new monitoring tactic is an atrocity to the human race and freedom everywhere not to mention illegal.  Then again, a fair percentage (around 1/4) of British “securities” and databases are anyway.  But that isn’t stopping them from moving full speed ahead with operation F*** Freedom.

The day and age of anonamousity is long gone.  “Protecting” freedom is only worth it until you start taking away civil liberties and freedoms.  We are now crossing that threshhold.  Truly is a sad state that they world is falling in to.  How do you feel knowing that the government is snooping on your ever email…every keystroke…every phone call.  Once the U.S (notice I said once and not IF…it will happen here, it’s just a matter of time) starts employing these policies, I will start off every communication wheter it be audio or text based with some form of government bashing.  How dare they do this.  Living isn’t worth living if you’re constantly under a microscope. It really is a scary thing that is quickly becoming the norm.  Sadly, misinformed younger children will grow up being spied on and see at is a normal occurance when it really isn’t.

Does this make your blood boil?  Are you ready to snap?  Are you afraid or even care of the privacy being quickly eroded in the BS excuse of “security”?  Speak your minds below.

Source: Tech Dirt

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