Blackberry App World now live!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 6:59
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After spending a couple ours with Blackberry App world, I can truly say that as soon as I get wind of RIM’s Bold replacement I will be switching back.  App World while still greatly trailing Apple’s 25,000+ and counting app store has one BIG feature that the iPhone will never have…background processes.  Fire up Pandora and write that email.  Do this or that.  Know what I mean?  Anyway, a few honorable mentions already include Shazam (the great song tagging app available on iPhone and Android), as well as e-Mobile GPS Companion with turn-by-turn directions.  The category breakdown of App World is as follows:

  • Entertainment (9)
  • Games (126)
  • Maps & Navigation (8)
  • Music & Video (10) 
  • News & Weather (17)
  • Personal Finance & Banking (9)
  • Personal Health & Wellness (9)
  • Productivity & Utilities (85)
  • Professional & Business (14)
  • Reference & eBooks (22)
  • Social Networking & Sharing (17)
  • Sports & Recreation (36)
  • Travel (17)

Whew!  Quite the list.  I can see “Productivity & Utilities” getting some really amazing mobile software as it is the Blackberries forte.  On CDMA and 3G GSM Blackberries downloading most apps takes less than 2 minutes so you don’t have spend 20 minutes waiting for that must have app to download.  Another plus App World has over Apple’s offering is free trials are supported…NOT the stupid light versions that Apple uses which require a dev to effectively keep two copies of every app.  You can download App World here.


There is however a small downside.  PayPal is currently the only payment method so you must set up PayPal account to purchase from App World.  Hopefully soon they will implement other options such as Credit/Debit cards etc.  For those word lovers in the group check out the official press release here.  For a whole slew of screenshots check out Laptop Mag’s App World early on intital reviews.


Source: Laptop Mag, Berry Review

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One Response to “Blackberry App World now live!”

  1. Gib says:

    April 1st, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    Sounds pretty awesome but wouldn’t work for me. Paypal and I are not friends. I hope this app world really takes off and suceeds!

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