Paper thin, flexible speakers coming to an ad near you.

Thursday, April 2, 2009 6:03
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Since the creation of the typical speaker cone, speaker technology really hasn’t evolved in any way or with any drastic changes.  Sure better materials, different manufacturing technologies, and slightly different shapes of speakers have come, but none of those have truly revolutionized the way we listen to and enjoy sound.  However, researhcers at Warwick University are working on a new type of material to be used as a speaker “cone” that is paper thin and flexible…

Now we gadget loving fiends can surely think of all the cool ways electronics makers could incorporate these into their products.  However all good things come with extra baggage…always.  The baggage in this case being advertisers would snap this up as fast as humanly possible.  Just think about having to open up a newspaper (if there are any left) or magazine and have to deal with page after page filled with not only some hideous picture and completely awful scent, but one that is also blaring at you trying to get you to buy the crappy picture or crap smelling scent.  As technology gets more and more advanced, the “fun” part of our lives grows, but then so does the nuisances in life…in this case advertising.

Life and the way we listen to the world around us could truly be changed forever with smaller, thinner, and lighter speakers both for better and worse.  If you could get a set of speakers that would knock your socks off yet fit in the space of a sticky note would you?  What if that same technology were embedded into your favorite gadget magazine screaming at you like a crazy person in a padded room with every page flip desperately trying to get you to buy the latest deal on a hard drive?  My My, the choices we face…

Source: Crunch Gear, Crave

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