Slingplayer for iPhone hits you where it hurts…your wallet!


Do you use Slingplayer, have an iPhone, and have been impatiently waiting for the Slingplayer for iPhone app? Well there’s some good news and bad news. Slingplayer for iPhone didn’t get banned, removed, or canceled. However, if you plan on actually streaming anything to you swanky iPhone be prepared to pay dearly. According to a post on Sling’s website, all older Slingboxes (except for the Slingbox PRO) WILL NOT work with the iPhone — you have to upgrade to a newer (read: spend more money for no reason at all) Slingbox SOLO or Slingbox PRO. What a load of BS! There is no reason at all the iPhone can’t work with older Slingboxes. Palm’s ugly as sin and outdated Centro not to mention many other older smartphones will work with older Slingboxes. The exec’s at Sling knew there was high demand and decided to throw in this extra “requirement” for iPhone users just to make a quick buck.  As a gesture of kindness (psh…please) Sling is throwing in a $50 credit to unlucky owners of older hardware.  But it hardly takes away the sting and building anger.

Now I don’t use Sling products, though I was considering them. However, after this announcement forget it. I will find other ways to get mobile TV and video streamed to my iPhone. Does this new “iPhone clause” really get you riled up? It’s ok to vent below…really it is…

Source: Engadget, Sling Community



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