Futuristic Nokia E97 concept. *drool worthy*

Friday, April 3, 2009 7:55
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What defines the useage of the word “future”?  Is it a slick case, a next gen operating system, full touchscreen, or the ability to store 10 petabytes of information on something the size of a pencil lead tip?  The furture cannot be defined by a physical trait as it is merely a property of time.  Fabien Nauroy has dreamed up what is by far the coolest “futuristic” looking Nokia phone (concept or real) that I’ve ever seen.  I’d even stretch to say coolest concept.  At the very  least the most futuristic concept.  The E97 concept above features an AZERTY keyboard with a small LCD screen above.  The really cool part — the pull out LED on the back of the phone that functions as a storage device allowing you to go old school with media sharing by “literally” passing it around.  A little bit of the old mixed with a lot a bit of the new.  Very cool!

Source: Slippery Brick, Gizmo Watch, Coro Flot

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