MeterBerry: For the OCD Blackberry user in all of you

Friday, April 3, 2009 14:00
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Blackberry users have a certain draw or longing to be close to their device at all times.  With that constant attention, it is no secret that Blackberry users also tend to be spec freaks and detail nerds.  They like to know everything.  (I know I used to have several…and actually still do).  Are you ever starring at your Blackberry wondering what the current charge is down to the single percentage?  What about the temperature of that ever volatile battery.  With exploding batteries becoming common place, battery temp sure sounds helpful.  MeterBerry looks to help you with  you addiction by giving you exactly want you want…raw specs.  More inside!

No need to talk endlessly about god knows what, I’ll just get right to the specs.

  • Customizable homescreen allows you to choose between dynamic icons that show battery, memory, or device info with text and by changing color (green -> red).
  • Auto-refreshing status screen displays battery, memory, and device info and statistics.
  • Get really anal with battery and memory logging.
  • Customizable battery and memory notifications (nifty).
  • Soft-reset functionality (always welcome…hard resets are such a pain).

The requirements include one fairly restrictive one…a Blackberry Storm running OS 4.7+.  Sorry other older BB devices.  No geeky love for you yet.  I personally haven’t used this software as I don’t have a Storm, however Catstide over at PinStack has a great review here.  If the pictures and the short description are enough to draw you in (and they should be), the app is very reasonably priced at only $2.99.  Definitely a good buy!  Pick up MeterBerry and feed your insatiable need for device info.  Below are some screenshots from his review for your viewing pleasure.

Source: PinStack

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One Response to “MeterBerry: For the OCD Blackberry user in all of you”

  1. Gib says:

    April 4th, 2009 at 10:58 am

    That’s pretty cool. Been a long time since I’ve been anal over a battery though.

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