USB Rubber Chicken to end world flash drive shortage…

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 6:04
Posted in category Cool Stuff, Storage

If you are thinking to yourself the “race” to create the most absurd and “out there” USB drive is anywhere close to nearing an end, you my friend would be dead wrong.  Why would someone want to carry around a lifeless, unoriginal, and downright guaranteed to lose typical flash drive when you could instead be toting around the USB Rubber Chicken?  Said drive will surely set you apart from the crowd (literally) as you will have to take up two seats at the table to accommodate the massive sprawl of the Chicken’s sheer size.  If Chickens, flash drives, and a tad bit ‘o humor is your cup of tea, the USB Rubber Chicken might be right up your alley!

Source: Slippery Brick, Craziest Gadgets

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