USB/Vinyl recorder blends old and new - compliments of Denon

Thursday, April 9, 2009 18:59
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There isn’t a group that at times could be any more vocal about their beliefs than the vinyl crowd. Vinyl they say, has a more lifelike, “warmer” sound - better than the cold, harsh, and analytical of compressed music that has made itself popular today. Denon, looking to end the dispute and bring both sides together in a technological harmonious event is releasing a functional and good looking Vinyl to USB recorder. Now the vinyl purist and digital savvy user don’t have to quarrel day in and day out, instead they can co-exist.

“What’s so important” you ask? Only that the DP-200USB comes with an USB port and integrated mp3 decorder onboard meaning you can transfer all of your warm and life like tracks to cold and lifeless mp3’s without ever touching those new fangled things called computers. Getting the tracks from analog to digital is mindlessly easy. If you can push a button, you can successfully get your cold tunes to your flash drive ready for transfer to your mp3 player of choice. Said files are converted to 192kbps mp3 files with Gracenote taking care of track metadata ensuring your track information gets carried along.

The privilege of such efficiency and ease will set you back just shy of $300 U.S. Will vinyl purists and audiophiles really take joy in destroying their precious pure audio bliss and turning it into a modern age mp3 that is but a small sliver quality wise of the original? I’m sure there’s at least a few of you out there.

I myself haven’t jumped into the whole vinyl scene quite yet. Why? Well I came to the relization that I like my checking account to have lots of numbers in it. So far I’ve already plinkered down more cash on headphones, mp3 players, and headphone amps than I care to divulge in the quest for ever higher quality sound. Maybe I’m just afraid that once I listen to muic on vinyl, I’ll forever find the digital versions that I previously was content with, now unbearable.

Not to mention their is the whole money issue again. Tube amps and everything else that comes along with vinyl use destroys wallets and checking accounts like a fat man at a buffet. As a college student who doesn’t have much play money to begin with, digital only is a sacrifice I’m willing to currently make.

I’m sure I’ll make the analog jump eventually. Just not today.

Source: Slippery Brick, Pocket-Lint

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