CompUSA back from the dead?

It appears the big box electronics retailer war(?) got another contender by way of…CompUSA.  Wait…what?  That’s right folks.  The big box retailer that shut down not so long ago is reopening stores in Florida.  Does this mean that we could see Circuit City coming back too? Well judging by CompUSA’s resurrection as well as Circuit City stating on their website that it will reopen soon, one can only wonder.  Apparently this time around CompUSA is going to be more friendly and “open” taking cues from the Apple store.  How so?  Well they aren’t going to hang fruit logos around the store, but they are going to go a more simplistic route.  Instead of having a bajillion (scientific term) computers squeezed in and locked out with some stupid screensaver or even more ridiculous demo so customers can’t even use them, they are going to be again more Apple-esque and encourage customers to stay and enjoy what they have to offer.  Hey, it has worked for Apple.  While CompUSA doesn’t have the allure that Apple does, I’m sure there are some none to happy now Best Buy customers or online shoppers that would love to have another brick and mortar option.  Anyone hoping for a new CompUSA in their neighborhood?


Source: Alley Insider