May vacation blackouts at Sprint signal imminent Pre launch?

Take this with more than a grain of salt…such as half  salt shaker.  It is now known that Sprint has issued vacation blackout dates for May which judging by the same tactics used by AT&T in the past for both iPhone launches is a very good indicator of a Palm Pre launch during said blackout date.  The Pre has been the center of rumor, speculation, and consumer hype for many months now all while we still barely know the device as Palm must “always maintain at least one hand on the device” coupled with the tight security and secrecy.  If you have been saving your nickels and dimes for months now quietly anticipating the day in which the Pre is released to the masses, it is a good bet that you now have at least a month to look forward to…a month that isn’t that far away at all.  It won’t be long until you can rock that oh so coveted WebOS!

Source: Engadget

  • Gib

    Hopefully our magic 8 ball is right