Fend off hackers and stop a speeding bullet with the Stainless Steel Wallet.

Saturday, April 11, 2009 8:35
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When you first read the headline, I’m sure most of you picture a very bulky, very uncomfortable object protruding from your rear end making sitting on anything but a pillow top bed all but a chore…not to mention painful. However pain is not something found with the Stainless Steel Wallet as it is made out of woven steel threads - 25,000 steel threads 3 times thinner than a single piece of paper to be exact giving it a silky smooth feeling that is tough and comfortable. The more uncommon build material means this little wonder thing will resist stains and tears considerably better than it’s synthetic fibered friends. An added benefit due to the metal construction is that it will thwart thieves’ attempts at hacking your credit card (newer ones that is) by blocking radio frequencies meaning no scanning from affair and stealing (no pun intended) your info. If this sounds like the perfect gift for the security guru or geek in your life, prepare to part with $89.95 and stop on by Hammacher Schelmmer.


Source: The-Gadgeteer

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