How to take a screenshot on the Palm Pre

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 12:38
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You may ask how did I take a screenshot on the Pre?  The truth is I didn’t.  But I now know how thanks to Mobile Crunch.  No one wants to do the digital equivelant of standing on one foot while rubbing your head, patting your stomach, and making shapes out of your tongue when such simple things can be accomplished with a few button presses.  Luckily the Palm Pre follows a simple approach to the whole life capturing process by only requiring “3″ buttons to take screenshot.  The “orange”, “symbol”, and “p” keys when depressed together will give you a perfectly captured image of your Pre’s screen allowing you to show your friends and co-workers just how you roll.  Now all we have to do is actually get our hands on one…


Source: Mobile Crunch

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