Mythbusters coolest “explosion” EVER…”Rocket Car”

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 9:33
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If you are a tech/gadget junky, chances are you have at least heard of a show called Mythbusters.  It is a myth debunking/confirming show on the Discovery Channel that has over the last couple of years been an extremely entertaining show while also delivering knowledge…two things that don’t play well together very often.  An episode of Mythbuster that raises the show to a new level of awesomeness shows a sled outfitted with various rockets completely decimating a tiny car.  FYI: the sled was traveling at more than 650 mph!  What is really interesting to see in the video is that after the inital rockets fire to get the sled moving, once the second stage rockets kick in, the sled practically dissappears in a blinding flash.  If you love all things that go boom this is definitely worth a watch.  Step inside to see the insane carnage in action and the *very few* remains.

*If the video above doesnt work for you, here is a link to try from another source.

It is also cool to see is what appears to be the paint being shaken lose from either the car or sled.  Not sure it is or not.  (Any science buffs care to declare?)  So who would quit their day job and even night job in a heart beat to have theirs?  I know I would.


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