Think you have eagle eyes? What about Hubble eyes?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 9:56
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Though this isn’t gadget related, it is undoubtedly cool.  The human body while certainly a walking vessel full of miniture miracles or feats of science happening every second, is still limited in its abilites.  For example, our eyes are weak.  We can’t see as far or crisp as an owl let alone  a telescope.  That is exactly what the picture above illustrates - how much our vision sucks.  The above photo is a compilation of a boat load of individual photographs taken with the Hubble Telescope and then patiently stitched together to give us this awe-inspiring image showcasing the awesomeness in the tools (in this case the Hubble) that we have created as well as highlighting our bodies limitations and how small we really are in the big scheme of things called life.  Step inside for a bigger picture.

*Hubble telescope picture property of Dark Government*

Hubble/eye picture Copyright Dennis di Cicco (TWAN) andSean Walker (

If our mere mortal eyes had the power of the Hubble, this is what we would see when we gazed up into the heavens.

Gizmodo, Astronomy Picture of the Day, Kottke

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