Wow your friends with the Glassy Glassy Cell Phone [concept]



In a world of unoriginal mobile deviecs and handsets where everyone is routinely playing catch up, it is nice to see a glimmer of hope in regards to something new and innovative that will usher in the next wave of design.  No this isn’t an Apple product folks.  The stunningly beautiful and classy device above is a product of Mac Funamizu‘s imagination showcasing the futuristic look cellphones of the future will more than likely have.  Sure no one would currently walk onto a construction site with an all glass cellphone and walk out that same day with it all in one piece.  However, that is just because no one has discovered the way to make the materials to make the Glassy Glassy concept yet.  Glass, or even some other substance that appears like glass but has extreme durability will eventually come.  All I can say is the Glassy Glassy concept is a truly unique phone that I would definitely carry around myself.  Stop inside for some more pictures of the Glass concept applied to a couple different devices.



Source: Slippery Brick, Like Cool, Petit Invention (Mac’s Blog)

  • mickaila

    wow….just waiting to buy it….u know it seems like a fairy….beyond beautiful …

    • Mike

      A fairy huh? Whatever floats your boat. ;)


    How and where can I buy Glassy Glassy phone……HOw much they cost…….. please tell me….

    • Mike

      No where…*yet*. It’s still a concept.

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