Ashton Kutcher vs. CNN part III (link to interactive chart)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 16:07
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If you haven’t been following the ongoing and quickly progressing drama that is building between Ashton Kutcher and CNN, Ashton declared just mere days ago that he wants to be the first Twitter user to break 1,000,000 followers.  However Mr. Kutcher has some competition: CNN.  *Interesting side note…the CNN Twitter account wasn’t even run by CNN until recently.  Instead a man by the name of James Cox, a San Francisco native held that honor.  However, CNN has since comindeered said account* Back on track, Ashton also has a second competitor who hasn’t even been mentioned…Britney Spears.  But for the sake of the story we won’t include her.  Ok, now seriously getting back on track.  The quickly unfolding race between Ashton Kutcher and CNN has taken many turns in the last couple of days, so much so that it can be hard for many to follow.  Fret not as I have very quickly and easily laid out the developing race as it has unfolded so far.

Part I:

The first part was Ashton declaring war on “CNN” saying that he wanted to beat the cable giant to 1,000,000 followers.

Part II:

Next, Larry King came back firing away saying that CNN would “Burry Him” and that “One man couldn’t bring down an entire network”.  Not to be outdone, Ashton quickly rebutted with the offer of a shiny new Guitar Hero game to his 1,000,000th follower…Gee thanks Ashton, you generosity is overwhelming.  A short time later he upped his offer: 10,000 bed nets to help fight maleria in developing countries - now we’re getting somewhere.

Part III:

And finally the most current part: 3.  EA drastically upped the ante by tweeting that they would include the lucky 1,000,000th follower in the upcoming Sims3 as well as give said follower every game EA makes in ‘09.  Not a bad deal at all!  The only catch is that Ashton has to beat CNN to that magical seven figure mark.

So over the course of only a couple days, a relatively harmless and unknown challenge has quickly become a media limelight sensation…(maybe sensation is too strong of a word)…obsession.  Ashton still has a ways to go.  As of writing this post, Ashton sits at 908,504 followers while CNN still holds a commanding lead with 944,462.  If Ashton is going to win this cyber battle and some lucky individual be in EA’s next gaming hit, Ashton better start making some more friends and fast!

Tell ya what.  I am going to start my own challenge.  If I get to 1,000,000 followers on Twitter before all of them, I will be my 1,000,000th followers personal slave for life.  Seeing as how I am short of a million followers by about 999,600, not even the act of thousands of gods could save me.  Lucky for me it appears I will get to remain a free man.  Though the extra followers couldn’t hurt…*wink wink*

For all of the interested followers, Chart Beat has put together a rather handy chart showing Ashton’s and CNN’s followers down to the minute for the last previous couple of hours.  If you really must follow it this closely, you can check it out here.


According to a helpful commenter on Tech Crunch, the “acquisition” of the CNNBrk Twitter account by CNN is apparently against Twitter’s terms of service regarding the selling of free Twitter accounts.  Uh-oh.  Will Twitter step up and raise a stink with CNN?  We’ll see…

Source: Tech Crunch, Berp Properties *post pic*

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