“Zune HD” rumors/information heat up.

  • April 15, 2009 6:57 pm


While the Zune has enjoyed so far a reign of mediocrity, Microsoft is looking to change things up a bit and bring the superbly average device up to 2007 specs.  While I have some pretty thick criticism flying forward from the start, I am pretty excited to see the Zune HD or whatever Microsoft decides to name this thing.  So far the funning list of more or less “known” facts according to Neowin looks like this:

  •  3.6″ (give or take a few tenths) OLED touchscreen
  • Nvidia Tegra inside
  • Flash versions in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB/Hard drive model coming in 120GB
  • mini-HDMI connection
  • web browser
  • WiFi w/ access to the Marketplace
  • early fall release date

While these specs are definitely pretty exciting, I can’t help but feel underwhelmed (though oddly still intrigued).  These are all (save for the OLED) things that have been around for almost 2 years now on several other players.  Hey Microsoft, heres an idea.  Instead of going the cheap/large storage idea, incorporate a 120GB flash storage model instead of the older style hard drive model.  While it would be pretty pricey, you would finally be the first to market with something in this area.  Ok twice to be first if the OLED pans out as well.  I would gladly save up an extra few weeks and donate an organ for a 120GB flash player.  Think about it M!  And for good measure and speculation is the image above which is supposedly what the new Zune is going to resemble pretty closely.  So whataya think?  Will it make you open up your wallet?


Source: Electronista, Neowin, WM Power User *post pic*

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