Watches with faces and hands are so 1900’s

Thursday, April 16, 2009 8:37
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In the fast paced ever changing world of electronics, gadget nuts such as ourselves are always looking for the next big thing.  Some are just looking for the next “cool” thing to keep us entertained for a short time.  And some of us simply want to know the time.  Watches haven’t really undergone any major changes in decades.  Sure there were improvements in build quality, element resistance, and other minor things such as the use of LCD’s as the face background.  But what about a watch that didn’t have a face at all?

Again, this watch doesn’t bring anything huge or earth shattering to the table.  But what it does do is manage to be cool and so deserves to have its face (ummm….lack thereof) displayed for the world to see.  Designed by Hiranao Tsuboi, the LED watch previously revealed by Geeky-Gadgets was at that time last year, a concept.  However, Mr. Tsuboi has managed to move his concept to reality and is set to soon release the Faceless LED Watch to the masses.  As you can see above the watch eschews the typical face-in-the-middle design of pretty  much every watch to date, and instead moves the time keeping job to the wristband by way of LED lights.  Definitely a sweet idea.

I am definitely going to pick one of these up when they become available…Definitely!  Speaking of purchasing, you will soon be able to get the Faceless LED Watch from 100per.  Unfortunately, no pricing has been revealed yet, but does it really  matter…you’re going to get one anyway…right?

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