Nokia 5800 soon to receive capacitive touchscreen?

Friday, April 17, 2009 10:06
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If you are a current Nokia 5800 owner and have a certain beef with the current resistive touchscreen your fortunes may be on the up and up.  It is being reported that the next iteration of the popular Nokia handset will sport a more accurate and easily navigated capacitive touchscreen.  According to sources at a Taiwan handset component supplier, Nokia is ordering up two million touchpanels for their new 5800 handsets that are set to ship between May and June.  Some purists and golden oldies still have a thing for the resistive screens of years yore, but with the popularity of Apple’s iPhone, Google’s G1, and I’m sure even Nokia’s N97, capacitive touchscreens are becoming more and more common (a good thing) as they are all around better for the majority and are more suited for finger tappin’.  Perspective Nokia handset buyers, is this enough to woo you over the fence?  If all goes well, look for Nokia to incorporate capacitive panels in an increasing percentage of their line up.

Source: Digi Times, *Source Image: PI Seth*

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