Blackberry + iBerry Pink Zen = Happy Girlies

Monday, April 20, 2009 8:44

Often times when we mention a Crackberry users or nerd, our minds instantly think of some middle aged, slightly to grossly over weight man with graying hair and a receding hairline.  *Not to offend - nothing wrong with the aforementioned traits*.  What you don’t think of is some cutsie young girl proudly carrying around her gadgets with a big smile on her face.  One particular gadget that has had a large increase in subscriber base in the last one to two years is RIM with their ever popular Blackberry.  It seems more and more casual users are jumping into the world of smartphones and making a good first jump at that.  Finally, the Blackberry theming community is picking up on this growing trend of increased female users and is starting to pump out more and more complex themes geared towards that area of the market.  iBerry Pink Zen is personally one of the coolest looking girly themes I have seen yet.  Even the pink and bluish tinted iPhone-esque icons were designed very well.

If you are one of the growing female users to Crackberry nation or you just like flowers, * it’s ok, I won’t judge you*, head on over to BPlay today and get your Pink Zen on for the now standard premium theme price of $6.99.  By the way, iBerry Pink Zen can be downloaded for ALL Blackberry devices from as far back as the 81xx series up to the 95xx series.  I can tell you this, just by pictures alone, if I were a chick, I would definitely pick this theme up!

Source: Blackberry Cool

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