Legos and kids go together like ghosts and the ever popular reference to Michael Jackson.  Any kid who has grown up with Legos knows just how many countless hours can be spent building something only to wreck it in a matter of seconds.  When I was a kid, I had a big 36 gallon tub full of hundreds of various lego kits all mixed together.  When the time came to rebuild a certain lego figure/object, because of the sheer number of lego pieces mixed together, I was often missing a piece or two from the finished product.  However the limitless freedom I had in creating my own objects was exciting to say the least.  Lego has recently begun releasing Lego themed toys and gadgets in hopes to rejuvenate sales and solidify Lego into the hearts of another generation of youngsters and parents alike.  What is the latest gadget Lego is bringing to the masses?  


The latest in Lego’s “rebirth” is aimed at the music loving children (and some adults): the Lego mp3 player.  Pictured above, the mp3 won’t win any awards for features, sound quality, or even the number of songs it can hold.  However, it will appeal to those parents looking to usher in the era of digital toys to their youngsters.  Features of the Lego mp3 player include:

  • 2GB of storage
  • compatible with mp3 and WMA files (no AAC?)
  • connects to PC via mini-USB
  • rechargeable internal battery good for 8 hours of battery life

So for all of the Lego loving, tinkerers at heart, the Lego mp3 player just might be something to add to your collection.  And for only $39.99, it is a pretty cool blend of nostalgia and new age tech combined into a rather affordable price.


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