AT&T resorts to “spamming” your Blackberry homescreen with unwanted crap/bloatware

by Mike
Posted April 21st, 2009 at 4:30 pm

Besides having one of the less then super Customer Service ratings as well as a beyond crappy tiered broadband planned roll out, add spammer to AT&T’s list of not so great business tactics.  Spamming you say?  Would you prefer “bloatware”, a term typically used to describe the extreme excess amount of useless trial apps that litter many new PC’s?  Either way it isn’t good.  Generally to make a few extra dollars, wireless carriers will sign deals with certain developers or mobile software companies by featuring their apps on devices such as Blackberries.  The only problem with this is that the added “service” comes as a distraction and annoyance to many customers.

Now before you jump on my throat and try to describe the basics of economics and sales/business tactics and business relationships, put yourself in the aggravated customers shoes.  How would you feel firing up your Blackberry only to find 10-15 worthless icons on your homescreen.  What is even worse is deleting them, and even the service books is useless as they will magically reappear by the time you wake up the next morning reminding you that you don’t have any control and the carrier has infinite control over your device and what ultimate shows up on it.  Your happiness and crap free user experience comes second to your carrier’s (and in this particular case, AT&T’s) true love: money.

If you ask me, marketing and advertising a piece of software by making it a mandatory install on your shiny new device is kind of the opposite thing you want to be doing if you’re trying to advertise your software product.  Pushing a product on someone rarely leads to open arms and open wallets.  Yes advertisement is great, but spamming smartphone users with tons of spam/bloatware is plain stupid.  Speaking of bloatware, PC manufacturers have all kinds of deals with various software companies to provide worthless trial software on many a new PC’s that on some machines is so bad, the first time you boot up your computer you are left starring at a desktop half full of meaningless shortcuts.

Besides third party software and content, AT&T has their own extensive list of added services, 13 to be exact, that every Blackberry user grudgingly has to deal with.  Ronen Halevy from Berry Review does a great job of listing all the crap that came with his recently activated AT&T Blackberry.  The list of services that automatically show up and again aren’t able to be removed comes in at 23!  23 apps that most people will never use.  What a waste of space and added frustration we users have to go through.  AT&T, think of us for once and get this crap off of our devices.  If we want it and want to pay for it, fine push it to our devices.   You should really create some sort of online setup on users’ wireless accounts that allows them to enable/disable all of these included services.  If someone is never going to use them, then why should we have to deal with them on our Berries?  Think about it!

Is this really a road that AT&T wants to start traveling down?  Blackberry users, are you tired of all of the crap and short cuts that clutter  your screen thanks to AT&T?  And PC users, are you tired of spending one, two, or more hours deleting the bloatware that shipped with that brand new computer?  Voice your frustrations below!

Source: Berry Review, *Image Source: Byte Pawn*

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