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Sony Ericsson CS8 coming to a T-Mobile store near you


Mobile photographers and T-Mobile customers will now have something to let their inner artist shine forth.  The Sony Ericsson CS8 has just mades its way through the FCC’s oh so secretive halls bringing to T-Mo some pretty serious digital goods underneath the hood.  What kind of goods?

  • 8.1 Megapixel
  • GPS
  • WiFi (No UMA?)???
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • FM Radio
  • Your typical T-MO USA spectrum coverage plus 1700/2100MHz UMTS/HSDPA

You’ll notice the “No UMA” after WiFi.  For whatever reason, UMA is not supported by this model.  Why, again, I don’t know.  It seems like a pretty solid option and is pretty stupid whatever the reason is to leave out of one of T-Mobile’s higher end cellphones.  Oh well, hopefully the rest of the feature set makes up for it.  Aside from the list above there isn’t anything too earth shattering do get all drooly over.  Disappointed?

Source: Boy Genius

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