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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 12:45
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Yes I know, at first you may be saying to yourself “another Vista/Windows theme?!”  Don’t fret. I know I have shown off quite a few Vista style Blackberry themes, however, this particular theme, VistaBB, created by Brian from PimpMyBerry, single handedly raises the bar for all future Windows style themes.  Not only does this theme look amazingly polished, it is also highly functional, (something that often doesn’t occur on highly creative themes).  For the full list of the themes features and functions as well as another screenshot, take a second and come inside.  



I’ll spare you the rambling and get straight to it.

  • 10 text based user customizable icons
  • Of those 10 user customized icons, 6 icon based icons on the left side of pop-up menu as well as the three on the “quick-launch” bar.  The 10th icon is reserved for weather programs.
  • 8 text based “launchers” on the right side of pop-up menu include: Browser, Media, Clock, Control Panel, Profiles, Options, Address Book, and Saved Messages - a power users dream basically.
  • Power, lock, search, and application list buttons and fields are selectable for the full Windows effect.

The real killer feature of this fine piece of eye candy for an app is the price: $3.99!  That is almost half of the price of most other premium themes.  The only bad news is that the only devices supported are the 8900 Curve and Bold.  If you don’t have one of those two devices, you might want to pick one up.  Interested Crackberry users should hit up the PimpMyBerry store for this awesoem theme.


Source: Berry Review

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