In what is beginning to become a weekly occurance, Apple has again stirred up controversy regarding approved apps appearing in the App Store as well as the methods they use to approve/reject certain apps.  The latest scandal is actually quite disturbing and makes me want to puke - it’s that bad.  The app that is causing all of the commotion?  “Baby Shaker”.  The app does exactly what the title implies.  It is a basic app with no real meaning other than to silence kill digital babies.  The app starts with a screaming baby at which point you vigerously shake your iPhone/iPod Touch until the baby has red x’s appear over its eyes signifying that it is dead.  Pardon my plain, simple, and blunt english, but what kind of sick fuck makes something like this, approves this, and ultimately pays to downloads this.  Everyone involved should be fully ashamed and disgusted with themselves.  The topic it touches on is neither funny nor a way to make money.  I highly encourage everyone to boycott any other apps that Sikalsoft currently has in the app store as well as any future apps. Besides the questionable sanity of the developers involved as well as those that download this, the App Store approver(s) who let this slip by should be fired for the content they let slide though as well as their double standards.  There are countless farting apps, boob apps, the infamous $1,000 app, as well as countless other questionable apps that violate the “App Store Policy”, yet somehow shaking a baby is ok. In reality, Apple, the company as a whole would never approave of this, however, the person who thought it would be funny to approve this app should shortly be living on the street begging for pennies.  The developer, F*** them!

**Update    5:45pm (EST)**

Apple has officially removed Baby Shaker from the App Store.  The call for boycott still stands.

**Update 4/23/09**

Apple took the time today to officially apologize for the “great mistake” and oversight.  The official apology:

“This application was deeply offensive and should not have been approved for distribution on the App Store. When we learned of this mistake, the app was removed immediately. We sincerely apologize for this mistake and thank our customers for bringing this to our attention.”

So all is well again in Apple land.  Do you forgive them/in the process of putting it behind you?

Source: Tech Crunch, CNet