Think FiOS is fast? Well…it used to be…


Verizon FiOS users who once bragged about their insanely fast internet connection will now be left sucking the dust from Optimum Online/Cable Vision subscribers. Just announced, Cable Vision’s new Ultra plans put the speed back in speed. With numbers like 101 Mbps down and 15 Mbps up, you can sure put a mighty dent in several RIAA/label/copyright holders’ pockets. (Not that we’re endorsing that in any way). Speed with such swiftness must cost an arm and a leg and maybe even a sacrificial goat to get right? Wrong! Priced at a mere $99/month for the Ultra package that includes those 101/15 Mbps speeds, Cable Vision is now not only the fastest ISP in all of the U. S. of A., but the most competively priced! **Time Warner….are you watching/listening? THIS is how you get business!** So it’s cheap and fast, but will it even come to my area? Come right inside and you shall know! Even more good news folks. Starting May 11th, every Cable Vision subscriber across their entire service area will have access to the new Ultra speeds! The next best offering now (speed wise) is Verizon’s now slower FiOS service. You may be saying to yourself that $99 is too much to waste on internet plans, however compare it to Verizon’s FiOS which tops out at only 50 Mbps/20 Mbps up/down respectively and will set you back considerably more, $150/month. Now do yo use the true value here. If you can afford it…go, run, or call Cable Visoin and check to see if you’re inside of their service area. You can’t let this deal go! Hopefully this will force Verizon to drastically drop their FiOS prices, up the speed, or better yet…both! Time Warner could learn a thing or two as well….just sayin’

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  • April 28, 2009 5:48 am
  • by: Mike
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  • Gadgetsteria

    Think FiOS is fast? Well…it used to be… Read more at :

  • Gib

    Holy crap that’s fast!

  • LOL

    “Optimum Online/Cable Vision subscribers” Really? Cause i tried both and FIOS is faster, sorry.

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