Myst for iPhone debuts, brings 727MB of stuffing with it.

  • May 4, 2009 6:43 am


The iPhone is Apple’s “gaming platform” of the moment that coupled with the App Store, has become a raging success after crossing the 1 billion app download mark last week in a mere nine months says something about the App Store and its creators.  The iPhone and iPod Touch themselves are being marketed more as mobile gaming units in order to attract more buyers and developers which will in turn bring with it more cash.  This summer the iPhone will be able to claim a line up of some pretty amazing games for a mobile platform.  Titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Doom, and now Myst just to name a few.  Originally revealed waaaay back in August of 2008, Myst is finally here ready for anxious gamers on the go to give it a go.  Myst was a pretty popular game after being released back in ’91.  Fast forwards almost 20 years and several gaming consoles later and we arrive at the iPhone/iPod Touch.

It is said that the graphics on the latest iteration are amazing - better than the original!  While back in 1991, gaming technology and graphics weren’t exactly top notch compared to systems of today, being able to create such eye candy and visual erotica on a mobile device is a feat in itself.  It comes as no surprise then that a game as large and graphically beautiful as Myst will come to market as a big fat download weighing it at a hefty 727MB.  Even more, you will need 1.5GB to download the game.  After the install, the temporary files created to actually install the game will swell up to the max of around 1.5GB.  As the install process wraps up, the temporary files are removed and you are left with the “bare” 727MB core of the game.  See, hefty!  Some quick highlights of Myst include: auto save, swipe-to-turn, a bookmark saving system which will allow you to pick and choose points to resume gameplay, and auto-zoom for getting up and close with the onscreen action.  With such an in depth game and luscious eye candy to keep you happy for hours on end, the $5.99 asking price isn’t bad at all.  Don’t you think?

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Source: Slashgear, Tech Ticker

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