Urban Theme for Blackberry brings the city life to your berry

Monday, May 4, 2009 17:05
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If you a big city nut and can’t get enough of the concrete jungle in your neck of the woods and also happen to be a Blackberry afficienado, Elecite has yet another slam dunk of a theme with the “Urban Blackberry Theme”.  This theme has a very unique “ribbon” (for lack of a better word) along the bottom right corner of the screen with room for 8 icons - 3 are visible at a time though as mentioned, it the band slides back and forth.  The real beauty of this theme is the wallpaper, or wallpaper(s) that is…ten wallpapers to be exact.  Yes, ten cities from across the world cycle through on you screen giving you a glimpse at some of the worlds most spectacular cities:

  • Seattle
  • Manhattan
  • Sydney
  • Frankfurts
  • Dubai
  • Hong Kong
  • Perth
  • Shanghai

You may be saying “Hey dumby, that’s 8, can’t you count?”.  Haha, yes you cycnical reader you I can.  Their are two extra 3D wallpapers included that bring a “new dimension” to your Berry’s homescreen.  If the concrete jungle is your ultimate nirvana, head on over to Elecite and give them the required $5.99 entrance fee as long as you have an 89xx, 9xxx, or 95xx device.  More devices are hopefully planned.




Source: Blackberry Forums

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