DIY RGB Coffee Table brings the rave to your living room…[Don't forget the glow sticks]

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 14:03

True gadget lovers and electronics gurus often turn to DIY work to get whatever they truly want out of a particular electronic. Whether it is store bougt or home grown, tinkers take life into their own hands and often create works of art, or at least some really cool stuff. The RGB Coffee Table is the latter. An undoubtedly cool table that will instinantly and literally brighten up whatever room in your humble abode that wins the privilege, all you need to provide aftwards is the fog machine, glow sticks, music, and don’t forget the pretty ladies. After you aquire all the previously mentioned, you are set for your very own mini rave right in your apartment/house. Be the envy or parasite to your neighbors as you party all night and sleep all day. As far as actually making a table like the RGB table, you will need to get your hands on 81 Arduino-controlled ShiftBrite LEDs and then afix those to a 2×2 Ikea table. See, not that hard. Instructions are cited below.

Source: The Awesomer, Make Zine

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