Chinese based “SmartQ 7″ actually pretty original/cool…still no chance of state side release.

by Mike
Posted May 6th, 2009 at 2:26 pm

While China often gets a bad rep for exporting and endorsing nothing but ripped off/copyright infringed electronics, every once in a while, a somewhat unique and original gadget slips out of the far eastern (or western depending on how you look at it) country.  The Chinese originatlity of the day: the SmartQ 7.  The claim to faim for this internet tablet is at rather large 7 inches and and claimed 48 hour battery life.  Now some may say that the 7″ screen size for a tablet is on the small size.  However look at the device, it has a build construction much more like a cellphone/PMP.  In regards to those devices, 7″ is pretty big and bumping into netbook territory.  While the actual screen size is worth talking about, the 800 x 400 resolution is not.  Because of the pixel based limitation, you can look forward to copious amounts of scrolling every which way just to read a simple article online.  As far as other specs go…well…we don’t know any more.  If you’d like to brush up on your Chinese and comb through the original source to see if you can scrounge up any more juicy tid bits, feel free to point your browser right over here.  Otherwise, just move along as the chances of seeing this stateside are about as good as seeing Kristie Alley at a stable weight.

Source: Crunchgear, Pocketables

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