The real reason iPhone OS 3.0 won’t be bringing MMS to original iPhone: Greed


When Apple revealed the iPhone OS 3.0 to the world, many Mac addicts and techno junkies gushed at the plethora of updates that the latest revision was displayed to bring.  Some of the biggest highlights obviously were copy, cut, & paste as well as MMS.  After letting the world stare at the slide long enough proclaiming two of the mobile industries oldest technologies finally coming to the “worlds most technologically advanced phone”, Apple decided to drop a bombshell…original iPhone owners would not be getting MMS or stereo bluetooth.  WTF?!  But why?  Is there really that much of a hardware difference between iPhone 1, 2, and the up and coming 3?  The truth right inside shall set you free.

Starting with stereo bluetooth, I can see because that can be a hardware/software issue, in this case a possible shortcoming of the hardware.  Different specs require different radios, but MMS, and ancient technology that hasn’t changed in years?

After Maclife editors ran around for god knows how long tracking down various CS reps from several companies including Apple, they came out with two very different stories.  On one side you have all of the hardware based manufacturers who claim the PMB8876 modem chip found on the original iPhone, as well as the BenQ-Siemens M81 and the BenQ-Siemens EL7, (which just so happen to support MMS), is by no means incapable of sending and receiving MMS and that it was a software issue.  Apple on the other hand stood by their old claim that “due to enough differences in hardware between the original and newer iPhones, MMS wasn’t going to be able to be supported.

Now, reading through all of the PR BS we can get right down to the main point and translate Apple’s crap: They are forcing users of original iPhone’s who want MMS to upgrade, (meaning spend more money on Apple products), to the newest iPhone that will be released this summer.  It is by far one of the sh***** moves yet from Apple.  While last year Apple didn’t have to worry *too* much because many people simply couldn’t move up to new iPhones and were perfectly happy with the iPhone they had, now Apple is making it impossible for older iPhones to match current ones based on software updates alone.  It really isn’t hard to see Apple’s true motives.  If anyone would care to come forward and explain to me how it could possibly be software related, please do.  The fact that Apple is pulling stuff like this just reiterates how much they could care less about their customers.  Purposely limiting software based features and then falsely claiming it’s a hardware issue.  Awesome job Apple.  See if I ever upgrade my iPhone.  You’re making my decision to switch back to Blackberry all that much sweeter.

Again, if anyone knows some miraculous reason why MMS can’t be brought to the original iPhone other than Apple’s greed forcing customers to upgrade to a newer iPhone, do tell.

Source: Maclife, Image Source


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