The Blackberry Storm is by far one of the riskiest moves ever taken on by RIM. Be eschewing the Blackberry’s tried and true keyboard, the Storm had to rely on it’s tight business integration and bullet proof email to make up for phsyical shortcomings. While the popularity and effectiveness at which RIM’s first keyboardless phone was carried out is debateable, one thing is for sure - the Storm is a remarkable device. If you are a heavy traveler, you no doubt also enjoy the Blackberry’s relatively easy set up for tethering. However, it doesn’t always come without a hitch or limitations. Blackberry’s and Macs aren’t exactly the closest of friends as RIM doesn’t even have a legitemate Destop Manager equivelent for Macs. Though that hasn’t stopped developers for doing their own dirty work. Moving back to tethering, Launch2Net makes a once more finicky and hoop jumping procedure much more enjoyable. Much more inside…eye candy included!

While Launch2Net isn’t new, it did receive a nice fresh update today enabling Blackberry Storm users to now use their beloved Crack device as a wireless bluetooth modem for their Macs. True wireless freedom! Enjoy moving about without being tied down and browsing along at brisk speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. For the more statiscs oreinted and spec nerds out there, Launch2Net has you back. It will track and log information such as: time spent online, data volume transmitted/received, as well as incorporating a connection preferences-esque auto-connect feature. It even includes the ability to disconnect after a certain period of time or once a specific data limit has been reached. Both very handy when your data plans attached to your mobile phones are limited or capped. Overage charges are never fun.

If you want to be on your way to rockin’ the mobile tethered web, all you need is a Mac sporting Mac OS X 10.4.11 or Mac OS X 10.5.2 or later, a compatible device/network, and of course Launch2Net. Speaking of compatible networks, Launch2Net is configured to work with various carriers all around the world so that no matter what rock you are hiding under, you can at least update your iTunes library while watching whatever it is you watch online. As far as actually obtaining the software, you will of course have to pay them for their services - $50 to be exact. For the mobile professional/gadget road warrior, price isn’t even a factor. Get it while it’s hot folks.

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Source: Macworld