Tell other motorists how you really feal with the “Drivemocion”

Friday, May 8, 2009 13:07
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I’m pretty sure that if you have ever driven a car on a public road before, you have come across someone who simply shouldn’t have a license. They either can’t do the speed limit, are riding your bumper, cut you off, or a number of other traffic violations and nuisances that make you so angry you could kick a kitten. In years past you would have to resort to such barbaric practices such as cryptic hand gestures, rolling down the window and screaming obceneties, or even returing a favor or two with your own car. Such practices are now outdated. Thankfully technology and gadgetry has stepped in to make this once troublesome task more of a joy. What could possibly make you give up the comfortable as a warm tigers tummy flipping the bird?

The Drivemocion! The Drivemocion is a neat little LED sign that you can affix anywhere inside your vehicle. It comes with preloaded messages that you can display to drivers. Regardless of who was the offender, the Drivemoicion has you covered. If you simply want a basic representation of your feelings, you can get buy with the “Original Drivemoicion” which has the simply phrases: “Thanks, Back Off and Smiley face”. However, for the individual who likes to use a more colorful vocabulary, there is a more not-so-G-rated version that will let you speak a little more clearly and bluntly as to get your point across.

No need to worry about wires encasing the inside of you car as the unit runs off of batteries and can last a claimed 4 months between fill ups depending on usage and how many encounters you have with other drivers resulting in the need to exchange language. The privilege of being able to talk to others by way of a nifty little LED sign hanging in your car comes relatively affordably - only $28.95 on Amazon. You down?

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