Blackberry theme nostalgia: Phantom v2 for Blackberry Bold

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 11:09
Posted in category Blackberry Themes, customization

Fans of the original Phantom theme for Blackberry now have a piece of Blackberry nostalgia to enjoy on their Blackberry Bolds.  The new theme, Phantom v2 stays true to the original in style however, it looks many times better on the Bolds bright and crisp display.  The Phantom is a very sleek and dark theme for those with a knack for a darker look.  So, if brightness and happy cheery frufru crap make you want to puke, you might want to give a tried and true piece of Blackberry theming a try.  For some screens of the golden oldie in action take a hop skip and a jump…

Source: Berry Review, sm0g

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