Blackberry users searching for iPhone theme look no further…ever: iBerry Blocks Slide

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 11:26
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While Blackberry users and iPhone users have two completely different platforms with generally vastly differing users, there is no arguing that the iPhone has a very nice GUI and the Blackberry a messaging powerhouse under the hood.  Many times before we have seen attempts to copy the iPhone’s look and often the attempt comes off pretty well.  However, their is a new champion in the building.  JC Designs has created hands down the best iPhone theme for the Blackberry Storm and Bold.  Now users will truly have the beauty and style of the iPhone and still get to keep the ultra high functionality of the Blackberry.  JC claims (and you can tell form the video above) that there is not a single ounce of lag - a big plus for such a graphically intensive theme.  I highly suggest picking this up if you have even a small like for the iPhone GUI as it looks truly stunning on a Berry.   Come inside for a nice video highlighting everything iBerry Blocks Slide Edition has to offer as well as some handy DL links!

Source: Crackberry

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