50 x 50 Bottom and Hidden docks today theme packs the heat

Thursday, May 14, 2009 19:42
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Are you a Blackberry user who has so many favorite applications and/or email address that you couldn’t possibly just pick 5-7 to fit on a bottom dock theme but despise “Icon” style themes?  Good news for you as the 50 x 50 Bottom and Hidden docks today theme is exactly what you’ve been looking for.  CrackShack.com has stuffed 11 icons into a hiding bottom dock as well as crammed 4 more additional icons on a second hidden side dock bringing the grand total to 15 icons on the homescreen.  But, because the docks are hidden you are free to proudly show of your wallpaper on the Bold or 8900’s beautiful, crisp screen.  When running over the various icons, if you happen to run across the caldendar or messages icons when on the homescreen, the contents will be displayed “today style” in the middle of the screen.  While this is one of the more unique and different variations of Bold themes, there are several other layouts available over at CrackShack.  I suggest you head on over at give a little love.  FYI: Love costs $5.00.  A couple more screens await you inside.

Source: Berry Review

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