For times in life when you just want to cram a weiner [dog] into your ears

Thursday, May 21, 2009 7:13
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I’m sure most of you aimlessly meander through life searching for a means to listen to your music in a whole new way. In an ever growing ear bud/IEM market, differentiation and standing out in the crowd is becoming harder as the market becomes saturated with what seems like a million look-a-like ear buds, headphones, etc. In your meandering ways, have you ever come across a cute little dog, perhaps a weiner dog and wondered if you could saw him in half, cram some armuratures into his little halves and then stick those halves in your ears? (Sick…I know). Well, if that thought did in fact ever cross you mind, you can now feel at ease as you wildest wish is now possible thanks to the Weinder Dog Earbuds. These little buds are that cute little halved pup crammed full of audio components that aim to make your ears sing….er…listen with glee. While they will certainly single you out in a crowd, I’m pretty sure the ridiculous design combined with the super low price of $12.95 means these are more novelty items instead of a more serious “audiophile” grade item. Audio quality and all common sense be dammed, if these buds are calling your name, head on over to Patina and plop down your dough now.

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