There is a God: “Zipit”…open those plastic wrapped gadget sarcophaguses with ease.

Friday, May 22, 2009 14:56
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Being a gadget lover and electronic guru means you will spend a fair amount of time constructing new and ingenious ways to open those increasingly difficult to open plastic cases that enclose our beloved gadgets. These plastic wrappers many times seem to be made of some of new age material that is impervious to scissors, knives, bare hands, and probably even a nuclear warhead. However, the ever so clever and inventive folks at Think Geek have brought us another gadget to help us get our other gadgets faster. The “Zipit” as it is called makes cutting into those hard as concrete yet flexible as rubber shrouds that imprison our gadgets as easy as cutting through a stick of butter with a plasma cutter. These things are slick! Save your hands and stop emergency room visits to reattach phalangees lost during gagdet opening events and instead actually spend time with your gadgets…phalangees and all. The best part about the Zipit is the fact that it is motorized and runs off easily found AA batteries. Super! Start cuttin’ today for only $19.99!

Of course, if you’re a he-man and want to go it alone, the Zibra Open It may be more to your liking. Just don’t cut your arm off!

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Source: The-Gadgeteer

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