Neu Theme for Blackberry 83xx, 89xx and 9xxx devices is smooth, slick, and downright amazing!

Written by: Mike, Tuesday, May 26, 2009 8:45

Blackberry theme hunters searching for the perfect theme that blends style, sophistication, and functionality all into one package can now call of the search. In what is probably one of the nicer and more put together themes I have seen in a small while, Neu for Blackberry brings a very nice subtle yet expressive look to your Berry that is striking. A co-op piece designed by lilholashaka, MaxThemes, and Ninja Please, Neu brings a sense of quality and fit-n-finish that speaks highly of the involved parties. Words are really pointless, all you can do is just stare at all that it is. The only thing I could think of that the theme lacks and sadly will keep me from using it full time is the fact that there aren’t custom underlays meaning 3rd party icons stick out like a sore thumb. I know I can toss them in a folder which has it’s own matching icon, but I really don’t want to do that and I’m sure their are at least a few other Crackberry users out there who feel the same. Could we get that added please? Doing so would put the Neu theme over the top.

The theme comes in many different styles for various devices. Perhaps the greatest feature of this theme is the price - FREE! Pictures and download links are right inside.


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