NoPoPo Water-Powered Flashlight - Water turned into energy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 5:53
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Nature lovers and camping gurus who constantly find themselves toting around dying/dead flashlights in the wilderness as they aimlessly wonder through the earth’s various layers of environment will find the NoPoPo Water-Powered Flashlight a blessing from above. Wait a minute…a flashlight that runs on water!? We’ve seen hand cranked flashlights, shake activated flashlights, and even the old as dirt battery powered flashlights…but water? How?

By using a proprietary NoPoPo hydro-electric battery (pictured at bottom), you will get to enjoy the jollies of a ten year battery life - something that no current “electrical” based battery can even come close to in terms of holding a charge! One of the only “downsides” is that the rechargeable battery can only be recharged 4 times - somewhat less than say Apple’s current Macbook Pro 17″ battery which is good for at least 1000 charge/discharge cycles while still holding at least 80% of its original capacity. However, at 40 years of total charge holding time, I think the total lifespan of the NoPoPo Water battery edges out Apple’s battery by just a hair as even with 1,000 charge/discharge cycles, you’re looking at maybe 10-15 years. And don’t forget at that length of time the actual capacity of traditional batteries will be severely diminished.


  • White LED lamp works as flashlight or lantern
  • Proprietary NoPoPo hydro-electric battery from Aqua Power Japan
  • Hold a charge for up to 10 long years!
  • Also charges with beer, sake, cola, or even urine
  • AA NoPoPo battery included; can be charged up to four times
  • Manual: Japanese

If you’re feeling the call of freedom and life untethered beckoning your name and can read Japanese (for the manual of course), head on over to Japan Trend Shop and pick up your Water-Powered Flashlight for a very reasonable and probably most wisely spent $39 (plus $18 flat shipping tax) and get explorin’. Are you just the slightest bit interested?

As far as actually recharging and using the battery and flashlight from the future, all you do is use the included syringe to suck water into the NoPoPo battery, place NoPoPo battery into lantern/flashlight, and give the power switch a little love. That’s all there is to it. I think a review of this is definitely in order. Don’t you?

The Awesomer, Japan Trend Shop

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