Legos make the world go round - actual replacement for crumbling buldings

Thursday, May 28, 2009 5:40
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We’ve seen some pretty unique uses for lego in the tech world such as the Lego flash drive, the Lego USB hub, and even a Lego MP3 player, this latest use of Lego’s, while not quite “gadgety”, is none the less cool and unique. Instead of having electronic circuits inside the legos, they themselves become literal building blocks, supporting aging wonders of architecture.

The scene is Berlin, Germany, (as well as Tel Aviv, Isreal, and Bocchignano, a small village near Rome) with buildings crumbling from years of neglect, war, poor upkeep, etc. that are in dire need of repair as their facades vanish into the earth have found a new construction method that while it may not be the strongest material, is a novel idea none the less.

Jan Vormann has taken it upon himself to use the tried and true lego blocks to help keep these priceless and historic buildings from succumbing to the death grip of nature. While in the various cities, towns, and villages, other passers will often give Jan a helping hand, stuff cracks and missing chunks of concrete with newly formed plastic bits. Obviously, some local law enforcement/security would have problems with this and such has been the case, particularly security guards at the Hamburger Bahnhof museum, whom made Jan and his dedicated team of Lego builders remove all of the placed pieces once they discovered what he was up to.

Are you a Lego fanatic who loves building even to this day? Want to give Jan a hand or even start a Lego reconstruction movement yourself in your hometown? Maybe now that you’ve seen at least one man going forward, it will become a tad easier for you. You hooked?


Source: Wired, Dispatch Berlin, Jan Vormann (Twitter Link)

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  1. ForestWander Nature Photography says:

    May 29th, 2009 at 1:01 pm


    Someone was having fun.

    Probably some kids!

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