Rock out with your equalizer out

Friday, May 29, 2009 8:56
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Are you the type of geek that is reserved, a closet geek will you, one that doesn’t let the general public witness his extreme bouts of geekiness? Or, are you a flaming geek who proudly wears his hobbies on his sleeve. If you fit the latter, a T-Shirt from Think Geek is something you may want to start wearing. While your feelings and hobbies won’t be “on your sleeve”, they get an even better position - front and center right on your chest for everyone to see. The T-Qualizer Shirt has an actual functioning 8-band equalizer that lights up according to sounds and music around the wearer. All the T-Qualizer takes is 4-AAA’s and a whole lot of geekiness. The battery back resides in a small pouch inside of the shirt. Don’t go throwin’ this shirt in the wash as your sense of style and geekdom will require a special handwashing. $39.99 and it’s yours.

Come on in for a few pics of the shirt live and in action.

Source: [Product Page]

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