While eye candy lovers drool over such technologies as FED and SED (which are sadly pretty much dead) and OLED still requires a heft toll be taken on your wallet, LCD’s still enjoy supreme reign in the mobile display world. Hitatchi realizes that 480 x 360 just doesn’t pack the “WOW” factor that it did even just 1-2 years ago. Hitatchi however still sees a market for higher quality, higher resolution LCD screens for mobile devices. Just how much better will Hitatchi’s mini-LCD’s be?

If you thought that even the current higher end 800 x 480 screens were sharp as a tack, sit down and take a seat. Hitatchi is claiming screens of 960 x 540….(or more?) Japan and early 2010 will be the first market and date of arrival respectively with other countries to certainly follow.

While higher resolution is always nicer for the person looking at the display, the size of most smartphone and mobile device displays is between 3″ and 6″ at their longest measured lengths. Going much higher in resolution could make certain tasks extremely taxing on your eyes as you’re always straining to read the tiny print. Still, eye candy and big beautiful pictures are preferred over boring ‘ol text any day.

Source: Mobile Crunch, Nikkei (Link requires paid subscription), Image Source