Rogers Wireless iPhone “Value Packs” lack value, rape your wallet

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 19:35

Canadian readers who hear the word “Rogers” often visualize images of their wallet puking.  Often in times past, Rogers’ various voice and data plans have been less than consumer friendly offering sub par service for an inflated price - not to mention the longer than average 3 year commitment needed for many discounts that aren’t even that great to begin with.  When the iPhone 3G launched for Rogers, many were excited for a new beginning with the wireless carrier as they introduced a very reasonable (by past Rogers’ standards) data plan that included 6GB of data for the low price of $30/month.  As with many other carriers around the world offering iPhones, text messages were a seperate “feature” that they further overcharged and raped your wallet for.  It appears that latest assault against your wallet doesn’t even give customers the choice of saying yay or nay.  So what is the latest infuriation?

Rogers announced today that ahead of WWDC, the actual release of iPhone OS 3.0, or any new iPhone announcements period, that they have added MMS support to all iPhone “Value Packs” and raised the price by $5 per month accordingly.  First off, SMS doesn’t take any extra amount of network resources to transmit.  This is now common knowledge, why someone doesn’t do something about this affront to the human race is beyond me.  Secondly, the prices for any plans are overpriced to begin with, tacking on an extra $5 surcharge is ridiculous, greedy, and downright stupid.  I sincerely feel for our Canadian friends up north who time and time again are treated like s*** by the monopoly that Rogers has.  Thankfully that monopoly will be coming to an end soon as 2009 and 2010 will see the availability and emerging of several new carriers which should shake up the wireless market and force greedy companies such sa Rogers to actually compete for customers.

Even though the iPhone 3.0 OS and corresponding iPhone are expected to be announced at WWDC ‘09, is it a smart move by Rogers to begin charging immediately for a service that no one can take advantage of yet?  Smells like plain ‘ol greed to me.  If you’re feeling a bit used and unloved, head on over to and voice your displeasure.

Source: iPhone Alley, Mac NN, Image Source

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One Response to “Rogers Wireless iPhone “Value Packs” lack value, rape your wallet”

  1. Gib says:

    June 2nd, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    Sweet dear lord baby Jesus that is just insane. Good luck Canadian comrades in your fight against Rogers.

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