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Tuesday, June 2, 2009 11:03


Since I’m stuck with an 8320 until the Onyx/Magnum come out, I decided to try and track down that Verizon vendor theme that I once had on my 8320 (before I switched to an iPhone). At the time of the 8330’s release, the Verizon theme was one of a few bottom dock themes for that series of device - hence the hype surrounding it. While true hardcore Blackberry users who have an eye for candy generally switch to 3rd party themes, some people prefer the fast and simple interface the stock vendor themes provide. Have you been searching for the stock Verizon vendor theme for your non-CDMA device? You can stop searching. The links, as well as a few pictures are right inside my friend.

I remember back when the first 8330 first was released on Verizon. Many people were begging in various Blackberry forums for a way to get the theme onto the Berry as the traditional method of modifying the Blackberry.alx file proved futile. What is a 320 x 240 style Verizon theme junkie to do? Thankfully John Clark, a user at Pinstack put together an .alx of the Verizon theme and posted it online in zip format for others to enjoy and download. However, just more recently, another Pinstack user by the name of kratzer went one step further and removed the computer from the equation all together by posting an OTA download link for the Verizon theme allowing even more people access to the once highly now slightly forgotten theme. Even though my favorite theme currently is still my 8900like theme, I find myself pleasantly happy with the Verizon theme loaded on my 8320 again. It’s almost like an old friend that never quite left completely.

As promised, the links for the 83xx Verizon vendor theme:

**Take Note**: Because none of the CDMA have WiFi, users with 83xx WiFi equipped Blackberries will have a slight overlap issue between the WiFi signal meters and signal type (EDGE/GPRS). Nothing serious, but something to consider if you’re a stickler for such things.

Source: Pinstack

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