Now before you get all giddy and jump off the roof with glee, take a second and read carefully, the iPhone/3G is getting Wireless USB features. Wireless USB features will not be built into the phone’s hardware inside. Instead, a company on the forefront of wireless USB technology, Alereon, will be debuting a wireless USB accessory for iPhone/iPod Touch users that will help the freedom fighters cut yet another cord and get one step closer to true wireless freedom. With the new wireless accessory, iPhone/iPod Touch users will be able to take advantage of wireless syncing between any PC or Mac with the ability to transfer everything you could before over a wire now over thin air. One small added bonus comes in the form of slightly longer run time for your iDevice when the wireless USB accessory is plugged in as it has it’s own small battery that will also share the love. If you’re still equally as excited and can deal with a bit of added bulk on the outside of your iDevice, you may want to keep on eye on Alereon and see exactly what they have to offer.

Source: Techchee, Slippery Brick, Alereon