Upcoming ProBlue Blackberry Theme bringing a new level of sophistication to BB themes

Sunday, June 7, 2009 22:32

Blackberry themes and theme making are quickly becoming saturated to the point that it can at times seem overwhelming trying to find or make a unique theme in a sea of imposters and copies.  Rising above commonality and the sea of averageness, Bedaweed, a talented theme builder over at Crackberry has published pictures of an upcoming theme titled “Pro Blue” that looks to be one of the more unique themes I have seen in some time now.  It has a very minimalistic yet sophisticated look to it that screams practicality.  Wow you with flashy graphics and resource hogging transition features it wont.  What it lacks in outright “pizzaz”, it more than makes up for in the slick and futuristic look it brings to your Berry.  If you can’t wait to get your Berry Thumb stricken self, I’m sorry to inform you that the theme is still in testing stage and Bedaweed has chosen to tease us with some early screenshots.  All I can say is…I can’t wait.

Source: Crackberry

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