Canadian iPhone details emerge

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 13:07
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Canadian iPhone users gather ’round, the iPhone 3GS plans and pricing are now property of the public domain. First off, subsidized pricing for the 16GB/32GB iPhone 3GS’s will be $199 and $299 respectively with the iPhone 3G (8GB) going for the low low price of $99. iPhone users who missed out on that 6GB/$30 iPhone promo plan from last year will get a second chance as…yes…it is coming back for round two…er…three? Now, unlike us Americans stuck on AT&T’s ever declining network, Rogers’ iPhone users will be able to enjoy MMS (already included in texting plans) as well as tethering at no extra cost, (assuming you have a data plan offering more than 1GB of data). Gee, kinda makes me with I was in Canada with Rogers…. Those are words you don’t often here in the same sentence. Usually Rogers is tied in with several expletives as well as comments about leaving the greater north. Back on topic…if you aren’t eligible for a subsidized iPhone 3GS, have no fear, you can still purchase one contract-free - albeit with a nasty price tag attached. Geeked?

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