HTC Theme for Blackberry OS 4.5 devices

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 7:14


HTC has a knack for pumping out some pretty sweet looking devices hardware wise. But they don’t stop there. While HTC devices are sadly dominated by Windows Mobile, the fine designers in house have gone through great lengths to polish up the visual disaster that is Windows Mobile and given it a new lease on life by way of a dark and glassy theme all around. If you have long been a fan of that dark and glassy look but despise the thought of having to touch WinMo, a talented Blackberry theme designer over at Crackberry, elycruz0102, is proud to show off his latest work for *slightly* older Blackberries. I added the “slightly” in there because this particular HTC theme has been available for a short while now for the Bold, 8900, and Storm devices.

His creation rightfully dubbed “HTC” is a replica of the general layout and style of HTC’s more visually attractive UI. If this darker look is calling your name, call on your wallet to the tune of $1.99 (through July - $2.99 normally) and stop on by the Crackberry Store to pick up your copy today.

Source: Crackberry

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