Kent Display’s “Electronic Skin” allows your gadget to become any color you want…on the fly!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 10:05


We’ve all been there - you see a new phone or gadget that you have to have as long as it comes in some other color other than charcoal black. Your dreams and aspirations are crushed however when the sales guy comes back and announces to you that charcoal black is indeed the only color. You think to yourself of all the great times you and that gadget would have had. Such unpleasant and life altering occasions will soon be a thing of the past thanks to Kent Display’s new “Electronic Skin”. What does this Electronic Skin do for you the user? I’ll give you a hint: “Rainbows”.

Shown off at SID Display Week 2009, Kent Diplay’s new technology is actually a cholesteric liquid crystal display (ChLCD), that can be applied on almost the entire surface of any digital gadget giving it futuristic capabilities. The futuristic ability I am talking about is the ability to change to (currently) 8 different colors on the fly with up and coming variations pushing the color limit up to 4,000! For the end user, this type of customization is a god send. We can save countless dollars that were once wasted on various cases and skins for our devices. Case and skin manufacturers however will have to find a new cash cow as technology creates and destroys another area of the market.

So how exactly does this Electronic Skin work? It really isn’t that complex. The Electronic Skin is actually composed of 3 different layers: a red, green, and blue layer of chLCD are wrapped around the device. In between each layer a resin is injected effectively fusing the layers and protecting them from the perils that life may throw at them while at the same time allowing them to be bendable and moldable without fear of breaking . Again, while the current version is limited to 8 colors, Kent Diplays claims that “there is no practical limit to the pixel resolution that can be displayed” and reiterated that the future versions would have greatly expanded color palettes.

So who just got a little more excited about gadgets of the near future? *Raises hand nice and high*

Source: Gizmodo, Ubergizmo, Nikkei

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